Welcome to our simple website, for Melbourne patients who are considering breast augmentation. (Plastic surgeons only rarely say breast enlargement, breast enhancement or breast implants and never boob job. The technically correct term is breast augment, or BA). This website is deliberately simple because you cannot learn what you need to know from the internet. Sorry.

Every patient considering breast augmentation surgery ends up making, in conjunction with their surgeon, several important decisions (often at the expense of concentrating on the decision to do surgery at all). Silicone? Cohesive gel? Saline, textured, smooth round, anatomical, teardrop, subpectoral, subglandular, periareolar, transaxillary….

One decision that troubles patients is choosing the exact size of the breast implant to be used in your breast augment surgery. To say it’s usually done in a non-scientific manner is to understate the case. We’re here to help with that.

The brief rundown

So what exactly is a breast implant sizing service?

You will have a 30 minute appointment with an experienced breast surgery consultant. Measurements will be taken of your chest and you will be asked a few questions about what you hope to achieve with surgery. We may look at before and after photos with you to help us to better understand your aims and expectations.

You will try on several different sized ‘breast sizers’. Photos at various angles will be taken for you whilst you’re wearing the breast sizers. You will be given an appropriate sized larger bra and a lycra T-shirt to wear during the appointment which are yours to take home when you leave. You may be loaned a pair of sizers to take home for a week to try on in your own clothes. We will of course need you to return them!



Measuring the starting size of your breasts is very important. This will necessarily involve a small amount of squeezing/pinching of the breasts to measure the stretchiness of your skin. We will also draw some dots on your skin with texta which washes off.


What do I need to bring or wear?

Tight fitting ‘bottom’ such as leggings or jeans will help you to judge whether your ‘bottom’ half and your ‘new top’ half are proportionate. Wear nice shoes. Try and be on time!


Do I have to be a patient of Horizon Plastic Surgery? I already have my own surgeon/ plan/ date for surgery.

No definitely not. We’ve done this kind of sizing with our own patients for years. The whole idea of this service is that you can come from anywhere before, and go anywhere after.


Is there an exact perfect size implant for me?

No. But there’s a breast implant size that will make you 95% satisfied with the results of the surgery at 12 months postop, and there’s a whole lot of other implants that will leave you 90% satisfied with the results of surgery. We’re trying to find the 95% implant. A 5% difference to your overall satisfaction may not seem like much, but plastic surgeons are a bit obsessive about such things.


Will I choose the exact model of implant I need at this appointment?

The final decision about breast implant size, as well as the shape, profile and diameter of the implant will be made by you in conjunction with your surgeon, taking your chest measurements into close consideration. However this appointment will give you a clear idea of what volume/size implant to use. That’s very important because that, along with your existing anatomy, are the two key factors that might radically change what your surgeon will recommend with respect to both the surgical technique and the exact style and model of implant to be used.

More info about us: http://www.horizonplasticsurgery.com