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Why do you need a breast augmentation implant sizing appointment? Because boob greed is real!

Deciding what size breast implants to get is one of the bigger decisions that breast augment patients make. Reputable and experienced surgeons are going to first concentrate on helping patients make the decision to go ahead or not. Other cosmetic companies may not spend much time at all on any of the decisions around the surgery, or the discussions may be last minute or rushed. ‘Book your appointment the day before your surgery is scheduled’ is disturbingly common. Breast implant sizing may not always get the attention it needs and deserves.

“Boob greed”

Many breast augment patients will say after their surgery that given their time again, they would have chosen a different size. This is commonly called boobgreed or boob greed. They may say they imagine they’d be a little happier if they’d chosen a slightly bigger (or very rarely, smaller) implant. This may not necessarily actually be true. Perhaps if they’d chosen a bigger size, they would have developed complications, such as stretch marks, nipple sensory loss or implant malposition. The psychology of patients saying things like ‘I wish I’d gone a bit bigger’ reflects two things.

Firstly, in my experience, it is very happy patients who say such things. They’re satisfied with the decision to go ahead with surgery, they’re pleased with the outcome, and they imagine that if they’d chosen a slightly bigger breast implant, they’d be slightly happier. I think it’s a bit like driving out of the car yard in your brand new white car with a big smile on your face, and then imagining as you pull into your driveway that you might be even happier if you’d chosen a red car. I call this the ‘grass is greener’ phenomenon.

Secondly, this reflects that patients are second guessing either their own, or their surgeon’s, choice of breast augment size. They simply haven’t been given the time and space to think deeply enough through the decision that they’re quite comfortable afterwards with the outcome. Having said that, most of the decisions made around breast augmentation surgery, I don’t really ever expect patients to be 100% definitely sure of their decisions. 90- 95% sure of their decision is about as good as it gets.

The fact that there is not that much fuss made about getting the correct size breast implants is also interesting. I think that is because the vast majority of breast augmentation patients are happy with the outcome. They would probably be quite happy if they had two bags of coco pops put into their chest (Small ones, from those mini packets of course). They go into surgery feeling they are ‘abnormal’, and come out feeling they are ’normal’, it’s pretty obvious that they’re likely to feel, at least initially, that their choice to have surgery was a wise one.

I also think that patients are discouraged from expressing any dissatisfaction with the outcome of their surgery. This is because patients fear the judgement of their friends and family (or surgeon) who they imagine will criticise them for the decision to go ahead with surgery in the first place if they express any negativity about the outcome. We all want to feel like we’ve made the right decisions in life, with who we marry, what job we choose, where we live etc. and telling other people we’re 100% happy with our choices helps us to convince ourselves.

Overseas breast augment surgery is a classic case in point. Patients who have had ‘cheaper’ surgery overseas and who have gotten a satisfactory result will be very vocal about telling all their friends and family about how pleased they are and what a good deal they got. Patients who have had overseas surgery and gotten an unsatisfactory result may not tell a single soul, as they know that others will criticise them for their decision, saying ‘what did you expect, third world country etc etc’.

I don’t want to make this a diatribe against overseas breast augmentation surgery. If it was truly that bad an idea, then the entire business of it would collapse pretty quickly. There are always going to be advantages (financial mainly) and disadvantages (just about everything else) with overseas or interstate cheap boob job surgery, just like there are with every decision you make in your surgical journey. Do you actually get a ‘better job’ done here in Australia for your extra money? Do you get the ‘best breast augment’ if you pay twice as much to a surgeon in Double Bay or Toorak? I’m really not sure what the true answers are to these questions, but I am pretty convinced that local surgeons will always be more ‘interested’ in making sure you get the best possible result…their ongoing business depends upon the word of mouth referrals you might generate for them amongst your (also local) friends and family.

Because of all of the above, we’ve always spent quite a bit of time ‘sizing’ our own patients. We’re hoping that by offering a stand alone breast augmentation sizing service, other patients, who maybe cannot afford our surgery fees, will be able to get appropriate help to make this important decision.

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