The Breast implant size FAQ 

(and somewhat less frequently asked questions, comments and gossip)
What is breast implant sizing? It’s kind of like boob shopping, although we would never call it that!

You will have a 30 minute appointment with an experienced breast surgery consultant. Measurements will be taken of your chest and you will be asked a few questions about what you hope to achieve with surgery. We may look at before and after photos with you to help us to better understand your aims and expectations.

You will try on several different sized ‘breast sizers’. Photos at various angles will be taken whilst you’re wearing the breast sizers. You will be given an appropriate sized larger bra and a lycra T-shirt to wear during the appointment which are yours to take home when you leave. There’s no selling, no pressure to sign up for surgery, and no rush for you to decide anything.

It’s also a chance ask any questions about breast augmentation surgery you may have. Like most doctors, we love to sneak in as much patient education as we can. We think the better you understand breast augmentation, the more likely you are to end up happy with your decisions.

*For our own patients, a thorough informed consent process with a fully qualified surgeon has either already happened, or will happen at a subsequent appointment.

Measurements? Of my breasts? What is that about? Measuring the starting size of your breasts is very important. This will necessarily involve a small amount of squeezing/pinching of the breasts to measure the stretchiness of your skin.  We will also draw some dots on your skin with texta which washes off.

What do I need to bring or wear? Tight fitting ‘bottom’ such as leggings or jeans will help you to judge whether your ‘bottom’ half and your ‘new top’ half are proportionate. Try and be on time!

Do I have to be a patient of Horizon Plastic Surgery? I already have my own surgeon/ plan/ date for surgery. No definitely not. We’ve done this kind of sizing with our own patients for years. The whole idea of this service is that you can come from anywhere before, and go anywhere after.

Can I bring a friend? Yes, this is a good idea. Someone who’s honest with you.

Ok great, and she’s thinking of getting a breast augment herself actually. This is fine, but it would be best to contact our staff to make a ‘double appointment’ for the both of you. Otherwise your BFF is going to be asking all about herself during your appointment.

Can I bring my kids/ dog/ ex husband/ employer/ partner/ chickens/ favourite barista as well? If you can ensure they sit still and silent for 30 minutes, they can come. FYI, nobody can make children sit still and silent for 30 minutes.

Will I see an actual qualified surgeon?
Definitely no. Sometimes, if you’re a patient of ours, but probably not. Our surgeons are sometimes working in the consulting rooms and for some particularly tricky issue our staff might ask them for advice on the spot. This is rare. The only other circumstance might be if the surgeons are training new staff. Also rare.

How much does it cost? $50 and maybe an hour or two out of your lifetime depending on your travel distance. We cover the cost to ourselves of providing the service. If you can afford breast augmentation surgery, you can afford this.

Is it worth the money? We think it might just be the best $50 you’ll ever spend. You tell us. I reckon we’ll get a pretty good indication of just how worthwhile it is when we see how many other surgical practices copy the idea!

Is there an exact perfect size implant for me? No. But there’s an implant that will make you 95% satisfied with the results of the surgery at 12 months postop, and there’s a whole lot of other implants that will leave you 90% satisfied with the results of surgery. We’re trying to find the 95% implant. 5% extra may not seem like much but as plastic surgeons, we’re a bit obsessive about such things.

Will I choose the exact model of implant I need at this appointment? The final decision about the shape, profile and diameter of the implant will need to be made in conjunction with your own surgeon, taking your chest measurements into close consideration. However this sizing appointment will give you a clear idea of what volume/size implant to use. That’s very important because that, along with your existing anatomy, are the two key factors that might radically change what your surgeon will recommend with respect to both the surgical technique and the exact style and model of implant to be used.

What’s the point if I’m not choosing the exact model of implant? Ok, if you’re our own patient, you possibly might. But if not, your own surgeon may not use the same brand of implants (Mentor) that we do, or may not offer the range (Under, over, dual plane, round, teardrop, smooth, textured etc etc etc) that we offer. Believe us when we say that knowing the correct sizer to give you the exact proportion/look you want to achieve is the single most important thing you can tell your own surgeon.

Is it 100% accurate? No.

Is it 99% accurate? No.

Dammit how accurate is it? This is pretty much why we’re saying to come in and have this done professionally. A 350cc implant, or sizer, or rice sizer, placed inside a bra but outside of your body does not look exactly the same as it will look once it’s placed surgically. Generally implants look more projected when sizing, and sizers look less projected. You figure out what looks right, and we (or your own surgeon) will figure out exactly what size implant, and what technique, should be used to achieve that look.

Is there a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee? No. I asked the exact same thing when I signed up for my Richmond Football club membership. Apparently the answer is no there as well.

Are my ‘after surgery’ photos going to look exactly the same as the sizing photos you’ve taken? No.

Are my ‘after surgery’ photos going to look mostly similar to the sizing photos you’ve taken? Hopefully, depends on who does the surgery, what exact implant is used and what technique is used. We do love seeing the comparisons though, so post ‘em up.

Is it the most accurate way of sizing?  We believe trying sizers on for yourself is one of the most accurate methods. Actually we definitely think it’s by far the best. But it is very time consuming, which surgeons don’t like. If you’re DIYing sizers at home, it’s hard to get a nuanced appreciation for the minimal changes between 2 very similar sizes without some professional guidance.

What about 3D imaging and computer morphing? Generally women don’t spend a great deal of their free time at home looking at 3D models of themselves naked. Generally. Also, unless it captures your whole body, so you can get a sense of proportion, it’s not that useful.

Surely there’s some sort of breast implant size calculator thing on the internet I can type all my measurements into that can work this stuff out for me? You wish. We wish.

But I want to get an idea of what my postop breasts are going to look like naked. What your breasts are going to look like afterwards out of a bra, is going to depend to a large extent on what they look like before, and only somewhat on the size of implants you choose. Widely spaced breasts? Large areolae? ‘Low’ breasts? Breast augmentation makes a bigger version of the breasts you’ve got. Also, just how much time are you planning on spending looking at your new breasts in the mirror afterwards? This is worth thinking about, because most happy breast augment patients will tell you that most of their happiness afterwards comes about when wearing clothes… i.e. just like how we size you.

I’m still not sure about what size to get. Can I come back a second time? 7 appointments is the record (so far). A second appointment is definitely fine. Just keep a sense of perspective on the fact we’re helping you get a 5% improvement in satisfaction, not a 50% one.

I really don’t think I need to bother with this. I’ve already decided to get ###cc implants anyway, because: (Please strike out what does not apply to you)

  1. That’s exactly the size/25cc more than/double the size that my taller/shorter/heavier/flatter/fuller girlfriend/gym trainer/hairdresser got and hers are great/good/perfect/too small/too big.
  2. I’ve done my own rice sizing/seen another surgeon/asked on Realself and then posted a poll on Facebook/ tossed a coin/ scientifically guessed/ multiplied my day of birth x the number of years I’ve been wanting this for.
  3. I’m a fully qualified plastic surgeon myself with 10+ years of experience doing breast augmentation surgery, and I’ve done my own measurements and sizing already.

…and for everybody whose answer isn’t 3, our phone number is 03 8560 2999.

Can I take some breast sizers home to trial for longer? I want to try them in different clothes. Yes, if you leave a deposit with us, and look after them, and bring or post them back.

Will you guys try and make me change my plans and have my surgery with your surgeons instead? Our business modelling suggests that 3-5% of breast sizing service patients might do this. That’s fine, that’s about all the extra patients we could handle anyway, we’re more of a boutique service rather than a high volume business and thus not set up to ‘churn through’ lots of patients.

If that’s true then why are you offering people their money back if they have surgery with you? We don’t think that saying “you’ll get your $50 deducted from the cost of your surgery if you go ahead with surgery with us” is much of an inducement. We just don’t want our own patients to be paying an extra $50 for a service that they’ve always been provided free as a standard part of our preoperative consultation process.

If you’re not doing this to have more patients, why are you doing it at all? I guess we’ve just gone through too many boxes of  tissues talking to patients who’ve come to us *after* their breast augmentation was done elsewhere. Deep down, we like to think we became doctors to actually help people.

It’s a ripoff. A waste of time. It won’t help me at all. I could just do the same thing myself at home with pushup bras/rice sizers/a box of tissues. Maybe, but you’ll get a free T-shirt and bra! Bonus!

You guys are great! Thank you so much! I would really like to have my surgery done by you but it is so much cheaper in Thailand/Sydney/if I do it myself with a mirror and a steak knife. Well, yeah, possibly. Either way, we really do hope you end up happy with your result if you go ahead with it, and we’re super pleased if you’ve found the service useful.

Who wrote this? I don’t think they’re taking it seriously. Dr Mark Baldwin. Sorry.

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