This question is why you’re here. Most likely. Google analytics tells us that.

It’s also probably the one question that breast augment patients spend the most time thinking about.

The answer, as usual, is a bit complicated, but let’s try and break it down.

  1. What do you want your new breasts to look like?
  2. What is technically possible in your particular case?

What do I want?

Do you want to look natural? Unnatural? Proportionate to your hips, waist, butt, shoulder width? Disproportionately big? Still on the smaller size proportion wise? Do you care who knows you’ve had breast implant surgery? What clothes do you wear? Are you a beach person? Gym or sports person? Who sees you without clothes on?

It can be helpful to show your surgeon photos of other people’s results that you do and don’t like. Be aware that photos of other patients wearing a bra or bikini are not helpful…they need to be topless. The bra/ bikini can make very average results look great!

What can I get?

Your surgeon will (or we will, if you see us!) measure you and look at your existing breast shape, as well as your height, weight, bra size etc. This will determine how big is the biggest implant you could have. It will also determine how small is the smallest implant you could have…that will meet your postop goals.


There’s a lot of pros and cons to bigger implants. There’s a lot of pros and cons to smaller implants. And there is no ‘one exact size is right’ implant. There’s implants that are better for you, implants that are worse for you. There’s one implant out there that’s best for you, sure, but how much better is it than all the rest? Maybe that one ‘best’ implant will get you a result that is 90% perfect. The second best implant will get you a result that is 89.5% perfect. You don’t need to sweat too much deciding which implant is ‘best’ and which is ‘second best’. As long as you’re not choosing the 12th best implant that gets you an 80% perfect result, because you rushed it, or you let the surgeon choose, or you couldn’t be bothered, or you just didn’t know choosing a size was even a thing, you’ll be a happy patient.

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